Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations

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What I do:

  • Proofreading of your thesis or dissertation in strict accordance with your university’s rules regarding third-party editing.
  • The academic integrity of your work will not be compromised by my input.
  • Changes to your writing will be your decision in response to my assessment. I make use of Comments, not Track Changes, to ensure you maintain control of your writing.
  • I will agree with you a fee based on a rate per 10,000 words that reflects the level of input that I believe will be required. See below for details about how you could reduce this price, possibly to the point that you get all of your money back!


What you do:

  • Email me your document in Word (.docx) format.
  • Receive and (hopefully) agree my quotation for the proposed work.
  • I will send you a PayPal invoice for 50% of the agreed fee. Upon confirmation of your payment, I will commence work.
  • I will advise my expected schedule for your document. A general allowance of approximately two days per 10,000 words can be expected. 
  • After I return the first half of your document, I will send a second PayPal invoice for the remainder. Pay me the remaining balance and I will complete my work.


I acknowledge that the cost of engaging a proofreader can be daunting. However, engaging me will pay in two important ways:

  • Your hard work is concentrated in the document that you are preparing for presentation and evaluation. I'm not going to write your document for you or help you with the content, but I can ensure that your writing is polished to a professional quality that will allow your work to shine.
  • For every referral you make to other students that results in a new engagement for me, you will receive back a ‘finder’s fee’ of 10% of what you paid me. Make ten referrals that result in new engagements for me, and you’ll get all your money back.