Engineering Papers

Engineering Papers

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Throughout my career as a professional engineer, I read numerous papers for project-related research or for personal continuing professional development. I know the language and I enjoy the reading.

Let me help you lift the quality of your writing in terms of language, style and presentation, as well as general proofreading, so that your paper communicates with ease and for maximum effect.

What I do:

  • Copy-editing and proofreading before or after technical peer review.
  • Ensure your writing is brought up to a high standard before publication in a journal or presentation at a conference.

What you do:

  • Submit your document in Word format (.docx).
  • I will have an initial look and agree a fee with you based on a rate per 1000 words that reflects my assessment of the level of work required on my part.
  • If you need convincing, I can send you back the first two pages showing my work as a demonstration.
  • Upon your agreement of the proposed fee, I will commence my work.
When I've completed my review, I will send you your document with corrections and recommendations annotated by use of Track Changes and the comment function.