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You’ve done the hard work to get your journal article or report to where it is. And now you want it to fly through the publication process. But have you done enough, or could your writing be clearer and more concise? Have you missed any typos and are there punctuation problems? Will the journal accept it?

Put your doument in the care of an experienced professional proofreader who will examine it and improve its quality. The document returned to you will have corrections, suggestions and comments that will help what you’re writing about to shine without being distracted by how it is written.

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You will receive the following benefits:

  • A personal, professional editor

    I am a versatile and accomplished editor, having proofread over 100 academic documents in the areas of business, engineering, science, medical, and human sciences.

  • Get a quote within 24 hours

    Send me a copy of your article and I’ll come back to you within 24 hours with a proposed fee and delivery time based on my assessment of your document.

  • A high-quality job, not a rushed job

    Your work is too important for a proofreader to do a rushed job on it. You may get it back earlier than promised, but allow for at least 3 days before it comes back to you.

  • Checked against journal guidelines

    Tell me what journal you are planning to submit to and I’ll proofread the document with the journal’s submission guidelines in mind.

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What my customers say about me

“Incredibly good service and quality of the corrections and adjustments made. The proofreader was all in and really put some thought into the comments.”

Conference paper author, Austria

“Thank you for your excellent job! It is more than expected!”

Scientific report author,

Get started with Rollin Kennedy | Word Engineer and know your work will be in safe hands

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