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Dissertation/Thesis/Journal Article

Professional. Ethical. Personal.
Entrust your work to a professional who respects your academic integrity.
Be treated as a person, not a number. By a person, not a platform.

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Thesis/Dissertation Proofreading

Proofreading to check spelling, punctuation, grammar, academic tone and citations and references. Done in accordance with your institution's guidelines and rules.


Journal Article Proofreading

Final proofreading prior to submission, and checking for compliance with the requirements of the journal to which you'll be submitting.


Put a wordsmith in your corner


I come from a career as a structural engineer, where professionalism and ethics were paramount. Academic proofreading is no different for me: my business is built on my integrity.


Dozens of journal articles, dissertations, and theses.
Civil, structural, seismic and biomedical engineering, physics, chemistry, and medical topics, as well as economics, management, and investment.

Not a Platform

And you are not a number. Let me treat you for who you are, and your work for what it is: you are a person, and this is the most important document you've ever written.

Quality over Speed

Let me treat your work as the most important document you’ve ever prepared.
I'm not going to boast about how incredibly fast I am.

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