Web content editing and writing

Web content editing and writing

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If you’re putting together a new website, let me help you. If you know what you want to say, but not quite how to say it, that’s where I come in. One of my writing strengths is helping others to express what they want to say in a way they hadn’t previously thought of.

I own several websites and I know how important – and how challenging – it is to get the words right on the screen.

Tell me who your target audience is, give me any persona profiles you may have developed, and show me what you want to tell them. I am confident that I can help you find a better, more elegant way of saying it.

I carry out my work by transferring your web copy to a Word document and then making corrections, recommended alterations and providing editorial comment (from a writer’s point of view, from the target reader’s point of view, and from your point of view as the vendor).

Websites, landing pages, ebooks, newsletters – I can help you sharpen your message whatever the format.

Contact me and let’s talk.